These Paper Towns

by Sean Williams

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SoapCactus I find this album to be both meditative and introspective... evocative of a time before humans had developed the capacity for air travel. Indeed, it has been nearly a century since I have had the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night without a single jet liner interrupting the calm repose of a chilly desert night. This album has brought me one step closer to reliving those bygone evenings. Favorite track: Memories.
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released August 1, 2014

Cover Photo: Rochelle Phipson

Artwork: JonMark Van Rooyen

Additional Vocals: Jannine Williams

Recorded/Mixed & Produced by Sean Williams at Sterling Sound

Mastered by David Law at Sterling Sound

All songs written by Sean Williams



all rights reserved


Sean Williams Music Johannesburg, South Africa

Sean Williams is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer & Sound Designer based at Sterling Sound in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Track Name: Moving On
Oh this life I have made
Building castles upon sand
Standing up to be the man
Searching for answers
But they're in my hands

I don't really want to think about this
I'm moving on, moving on
We Never had our chance to save this
But time will hold what days have lost

A sudden calm a sudden stare
I remember you were there
We would talk man to man
So much time was in our hands
Track Name: Alive
Are we keeping this alive? Our hopes tonight
Let it burn so bright for another day
Let's hope for love and lets hope for Care
Well I hope to be almost anything

I'm feeling tough, oh, I feel so strong
And I hope my heart can hold on
You know it's enough that you hold so tight
And It will not fray, this lifeline

It won't stop, it won't stop
This pure love
Its pure love

Are we keeping this alive? My hope tonight
It's burning bright for another day
I'm hoping for love, I hope to care
I hope to be almost anything.
Track Name: Rolling Waves
Call me out of my boat
Oh my eyes can see you
In the wind on the waves, you wait
Even now, in my need
When life seems like a mystery
You are near, you are here
Lead me

When it seems I've nothing
There's a hope that's in me
You are there and you lift my head
Help me see the unseen, reality it's calling
With every step my heart sings:

"Through these rolling waves, rolling waves
Love has made a way"

You keep on holding.
Track Name: Home
Born into this all, You don't know home
Climbed every wall, tried to stand tall
But then you fall back to a crawl
Love has got you bound, you're chasing hard a piece of ground
Where feet stand firm and hearts are warm with the sound of home


Born into a world where love has lost to empty words
We are a voice a beautiful noise, So rejoice
Love has got me bound it's put me on such solid ground
My feet stand firm and my heart is full to the sound of home


You are the secret seed in me
A spark to flame was my delivery
Death to life, from chains you freed me
This road unclear is calling me
There so much more to you I've seen
Death to life from chains you freed me

….I'm HOME....
Track Name: Where you found me
Covered up in silence, carrying my only hope
Words don't really work,
yea I know that they're falling short
Who I think I'm fooling?
I don't really know at all
You see through my bravest smile
You see my soul

I'll be waiting, where you found me

There beyond the breakers
you lay me down to fall asleep
Where love is not so far off
Love is living within me
Take me past the fears of silence
Past the fears of growing old
You see through my bravest smile
You see my soul

I'll be waiting where you found me.

Through all these scars let all your life
Invade my soul

I'll be waiting where you found me